Tips and tricks for cutting edge educators

Here’s a tip that will change the way you (and your students) approach note taking forever. It’s called “Linked Notes” and it’s included in Office 2007 / 2010.

The contemporary learner accesses information from a range of sources, including live presentations, websites, podcasts, videos and other documents.

One of the biggest challenges with having so much information so rapidly available is remembering where and when you came across it, so you can go back and review it later, or share it with someone else.

For example:  You saw a great video on a website, made a few notes,  but when you reviewed the notes, couldn’t remember the website address.  Or, you were reviewing a live PowerPoint presentation, again, taking screen shots and notes associated with the presentation, but can’t quickly find the file to share with your research team.

Not any more.

In Office 2007 / 2010, under the Review tab, you’ll see “Linked Notes”.

If you click Linked Notes, it will open Microsoft OneNote in a docked window on the right hand side of your screen.

Let’s say I’m reviewing a document in Word. I’ll take some notes in the docked window on the right to pick out the key issues I’ve gained from this document.

Next I’m visiting a website to find out more.  Notice the Linked Notes are still docked to the right of the browser.

Two weeks later, I want to review my notes, and I will also want to go back to some of the documents, files or applications I used as reference material. I simply open OneNote, roll my mouse pointer over any of the notes I took,  and a logo will appear showing me what I was reviewing while I wrote the notes.  This clip shows I was looking a a website.  Notice how it even previews the website I was at. 

One click, and it takes me directly back to the website, the document or the file I was viewing. 

Try it.  This is truly powerful.


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