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Revision Magic

Flashcards are a great way to revise content.   With Microsoft FlashCards you can quickly and easily create an intelligent revision program for yourself or others.

I say intelligent because Microsoft FlashCards keeps track of how long it’s been since you’ve seen each card, and whether or not you knew it the last time around.  Then it uses a memory optimization algorithm to determine which card to show you next.  This means the order of the cards will be optimized for you – you’ll be seeing the cards in a different order to your friend. 

If teachers, tutors, or parents want to track a student’s progress, have the student print a report of their progress in a specific study session.  If you want to see how you’re doing across sessions, take a look at the timeline on the bottom of the Study screen.  Cards on the left side are ones you need to study, or you haven’t seen yet.  Cards on the right side are the ones you know best.  Watch the cards move toward the right side of the timeline as you play and learn them better.  Over time, cards slowly move back to the left (since we all forget things as time goes on).  If it’s been a long time since you’ve seen a card and you get it right again, it gets bumped even further, since you haven’t forgotten it. 

It’s all based on Microsoft Azure, and hosted in ‘The Cloud’ so you can create a Flashcard deck and run it from any machine on the web.  This also makes it really easy to share your deck or work on it with others.

Making a Flashcard deck takes minutes.  Simply load up the question (with images and even sounds) and you’re all set.

Here is a sample deck used to assist identifying cars.  Do you know what car this is?  You can look at the sample deck to find out. 

Try Flashcards now.


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