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For those of you who have been working with digital pen based tablet, the following graph would be pretty easy to understand.

Perhaps the hardest thing on this graph to understand is why it has only been in the last three years that we’ve seen such big differences in learning between the learning taking place in schools with pen based tablets, and those without. 

Microsoft Math 3.0 is a perfect example of why – if you can find a way – providing students with a pen-based tablet pc will raise the pedagogical bar significantly.

Firstly, you can use the Math Input Panel to enter complex mathematical equations in seconds.  It has full pen-based hand writing recognition, including all the mathematical notations you could ever need. You simply can’t do that with a keyboard or mouse, which is one of the main reasons so many maths teachers resist moving to technology.


From here, I can now enter my Mathematical equation into any other program, such as Microsoft Word, or ready to publish to the web.  It’s particularly useful for a teacher to prepare questions for a student. 

But even more exciting is the equation solver.  For example.  Let’s say you were asked to solve the following for x:

Here’s how Microsoft Math 3.0 can help.  I’ve written the equation into the panel at the bottom using my pen.  Math has understood the problem, and solved it.  Then, it has gone through, step by step and shown me the working out, with simple explanations.  IF there are many ways of solving a problem (e.g. with Simultaneous Equations), it will show you all the different methods, and even explain the differences.

Math 3.0 also includes a comprehensive graphing calculator, presenting data in a wide range of 2D and 3D graphs.

Add to that a triangle solver, a large formula and equation library, a powerful conversion tool, and much more, and suddenly a whole new world opens up for how to teach and learn maths.

Find out more about Microsoft Math 3.0 here.


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  1. c gomathinayagam said:

    looking to buy suitable digital pen for use in teaching to students.

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