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Have you ever wanted to just show someone the few steps you took to achieve that great result, bud just didn’t know how?
Community Clips gives you the ability to record your own screens and voice, so you can create your own training videos to share.

Once you’ve installed it, click on the start recording button in your taskbar  (or click Windows + ALT + R) and everything that happens on your screen will automatically be packaged up into a nice, compressed video, ready for you to share or post online.

It’s a great way for students and teachers to share new tips and tricks with each other, or to help each other asynchronously.

Check it out here.


Comments on: "Make a video of everything on your screen" (1)

  1. Margaret said:

    Fantastic Sean! I\’ve been using Jing, but need to pay an annual licence to get mp4 format so they are small enough to email. This looks great.Screen recording is a really good way of getting students to provide evidence of their learning. They can just talk through an explanation of whatever is on their screen.And for kids who have difficulty writing, it can really open up doors, because they can demonstrate their understandings through speech.

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