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Schools selected the issue, title and approach of DeforestAction (the Shout Pilot Project), and these schools (and their students) will be the driving storyline behind Borneo 3D: An Action Movie.  But, with millions of kids globally engaging in this initiative, how will the stars be selected, along with the schools, to feature in the movie?

Every action a student takes, whether it be raising money, connecting friends via Facebook / Twitter, avoiding products that use palm oil, and more, will lead to them accruing points.  Students with the highest point count will be invited to be considered for the movie.  Every point a studen earns adds points to their school total, so schools will be selected in the same way.

Earning PointsEarning Points to make it onto the silver screen

Earning points won’t just limit the user to opportunities to feature in a 3D movie.  Points will also be used to select which students and schools will be invited to participate in unique upportunities, like playing online games against orangutans, visiting various zoos around the world, and even opportunities for overseas travel.

Visit for a full explanation of how points can be earned, and to get your students involved today.

For more information, visit


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