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The Main Event

Discover the future of education. Invite your whole team.
Main Event is a great opportunity for Principals, IT Managers and Curriculum Leads to mix with peers and return to work with fresh ideas.
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Is it time for some inspirational professional development? Would you like to learn how to save your school money and time? Or discover exactly how technology is now being used to deliver the curriculum and improve learning outcomes in schools today?Main Event is a chance for your Principal or Curriculum Lead to experience the magic and simplicity of personalized 1-to-1 learning in a classroom environment using a tablet PC. An opportunity to learn from Principals, Innovative Teacher Award winners and educators who have hands-on experience using these transformational technologies.  

Teacher Guides

For some really great resources to help incorporate the latest and greatest technologies into your classroom, check out these new Teacher Guides.

These new guides cover everything from critical thinking, digital storytelling and accessibility, through to movie making, search and product walkthroughs.

There’s multimedia, video and even some fantastic ebooks on each of the topics.

eBooks for educators

Download the eBooks for educators. Packed with great teaching and learning ideas.

Global Collaboration Project with a twist

The student lead DeforestAction project is ramping up, with the beta launch of the DeforestAction website ( now live.

If you haven’t already got your students on board with this project, the start of 2011 will be a good time.  Schools around the world have young people looking to collaborate on projects to halt the destruction of forests in Indonesia, and to save orangutans.  And – the new points system, designed by students from an Australian primary school mean that everyone who gets involved can earn points. Those with the most points will be invited to be in a documentary and 3D Action movie.

DeforestAction points

Earn points by raising money, spreading the word, being involved and making a difference.

Schools who participated in the pilot of the program in 2010 have reported unprecedented student outcomes, including through the roof data on numeracy and literacy.

To see the new teaser for the 3D movie, visit

I’ll keep you all posted on the project, but please take some time to visit the “For Educator” section at the bottom of  There’s  a lot of great stuff in there for you, with more coming on regularly.