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Collaboration is King

Imagine if your students could co-create and collaborate on documents from anywhere, any time, and with anyone they needed to.  With some amazing new services called Live Web Apps, this is now possible, and it’s REALLY easy to do.

OK. So OneNote is still the best way ever to have students collaborate, but now, with the launch of the new Sky Drive and Web Apps, things just got a lot more interesting.

Office Web Apps work in all the main web browsers—Internet Explorer, Safari, and
Firefox. Now, teachers and students can use these online companions on virtually
any computer.  As always, Tablet PC (with digital stylus is the best way, because it allows teachers and students a whole range of additional creative options simply not available on touch only tablets, or ‘clam shell’ laptops.

  • Use for free. Office Web Apps are available free through Windows Live SkyDrive. To access Web Apps, teachers and students simply use a Windows Live account, such as Windows Live Hotmail, Xbox LIVE, or Windows Messenger.
  • Collaborate in real time. Teachers and students can easily work on PowerPoint, Word, Excel or OneNote files from school, home, the library, or virtually any computer with a supported web browser.
  • Enjoy equal access. Workgroups can collaborate—even if other teachers
    or students don’t have Microsoft Office installed and even if they have a
    different or older version of Microsoft Office.

This becomes even more powerful when you use a client (e.g. local copy of Microsoft Word, One Note etc) to edit or collaborate on a document stored in SkyDrive.  There is just no better way to collaborate.

If that all sounds a bit double dutch, check out the teacher guide ebook that explains how it all works and provides some great examples of how to use this in class.

Web Apps eBook

Learn how to empower your learners with the most powerful and easy to use collaborative tools for free.

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